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Media Player for bluebrad websites

Written by webmaster.

Single video

Article tag: { flv}test{/fl}
File location: media/video/test.flv

Single video with preview, custom resolution and link to Jplayer homesite
Article tag: { flv}video2|695|512{/flv}
File location: media/video/video2.flv
Preview image location: media/video/video2.png


Video playlist
Article tag: { videoplaylist}videoplaylist{/videoplaylist}
File location: media/playlist/videoplaylist.xml



Single mp3 with debug mode
Article tag: { mp3}futurama{/mp3}
File location: media/audio/futurama.mp3


Tag: [mp3]futurama[/mp3]

MP3 playlist
Article tag: { mp3playlist}mp3playlist{/mp3playlist}
File location: media/playlist/mp3playlist.xml


1. Using JPlayer

1.1 How I use player?

  1. Install plugin
  2. Activate plugin in Administrator -> Extensions -> Plugin Manager
  3. Upload files via FTP
  4. Use in article tags {format}filename|width|height|autoplay|subtitles{/format} or simple {format}filename{/format} with default settings

1.2 What formats does player support?

The following file formats are supported: flv, mp4, mp3.
For logo image are supported: jpg, png, gif.
For subtitles are supported: srt.

1.3 How I create a XML playlist?

In plugin package are plalists samples (after installation in plugins/content/jplayer/playlist_samples too) and for details visit JW Player homepage.

1.4 Where are located folders for the JPlayer?

Default folders are media/video media/audio and media/playlists. In plugin setting you can define custom directory.

1.5 Which version of JPlayer I have to install?

JPlayer 1.5.x series work on Joomla! 1.5 and JPlayer 1.6.x work on Joomla! 1.6
I will support both versions of JPlayer for few months.

2. Using advanced features

2.1 How I enable preview for video player?

Preview for video file is enabled permanently. If you want use preview for video file, place png image (name like video file without extension) to directory with video file. If you want use jpg image rename file extension jpg to png, player can use it ;) In remote video must have preview image file video extension in name too (example: your-remote-flv.flv.png).

2.2 How to setup the logo position in the video?

In free version of JW Player is not possible change logo position.

2.3 Where I download skins for player?

At official JW Player homepage. JPlayer use JW Player version 4.7 and skin must support them.

2.4 Where is located skin folder?


2.5 How I enable subtitles for video player?

In tag use 4. parameter (example:

) and place srt subtitle file (name like video file without extension) to directory with video file. In remote video must have subtitle file video extension in name too (example: your-remote-flv.flv.srt).

2.6 How I can change subtitles color, effects, etc?

In srt subtitles you can use tags <font color="#00ff00">green text</font> <u>underline</u> <i>italic</i> <b>bold</b>.

2.7 What is Debug mode?

Enable this option to display additional information about inculed video/audio files. Useful for debugging and solving problems. If you have problem with "File don't exists." enable this option to show files links. See Debug mode in JPlayer demo.

2.8 What is templating system and how i can use it?

Templating system allow customizing JPlayer HTML and CSS output without breaking it after installing update. Only copy content from plugins/content/jplayer/tmpl/ to templates/yourtemplate/html/plg_jplayer/ and customize default.php and css/style.css.

3. Settings of JPlayer

3.1 How I set additional player parameters?

Administrator -> Extensions -> Plugin Manager -> Content - JPlayer
For settings not available in plugin edit player HTML code in plugins/content/jplayer/sources.php. Details about FlashVars at JW Player homepage.

4. Troubleshooting and problems

4.1 JPlayer return error code #....

If flash player get error visit official JW Player website for solution.

4.2 I can use it for my article but in my module Custom HTML, it not working.

JPlayer is content plugin. They dont work in modules. I work on JPlayer module but I need more time.

5. Others & FAQ

5.1 Can I use this extension on a commercial website?

This plugin is free for commercial use but flash JW Player is free only for non-commercial use.

5.2 I like this plugin. Can I help?

Yes. You can post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory and in plugin settings activate backlink to JPlayer homesite.

NEW: Added option to play video with srt subtitles and more features... For activate subtitles use 4. parameter in tag. Subtitles support styling. Example:

JPlayer is simple flash player plugin for Joomla! based on flash player "JW Player".
Plugin is a fork of AllVideos plugin (by JoomlaWorks). JPlayer have simplified code without unnecessary functions but enhanced with lots of usefull features.

Supporter file formats: flv, mp4, mp3, xml playlist, youtube video, srt subtitles.

- stream local file or remote file
- play video with subtitles (with styling)
- play files from xml playlist
- play Youtube video
- display a preview image
- your website logo in player window
- skinable player
- can switch to older player version without JW Player logo
- enable or disable fullscreen, autoplay, shuffle and more options
- debug mode for help solving problems

- easy to use
- lots of tunable parameters
- play video with subtitles
- simple and fast without unnecessary functions
- support Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 1.6

After installing and enabling plugin, in WYSIWYG editor use plugin tags {format}filename|width|height|autoplay|subtitles{/format} or simple {format}filename{/format} with default settings.
With local media use filename without file extension, with remote media use filename with file extension.
If you want use preview for video file (instead of black background), place png image (name like video file) to directory with video file. If you want use jpg image rename file extension jpg to png, player can use it ;)
In remote video must have subtitle file or preview image file video extension in name too (example: your-remote-flv.flv.png).

All supported tags:
{flv} {flvremote} {mp3} {mp3playlist} {mp3remote} {mp4} {mp4remote} {videoplaylist} {youtube}

{flv }your-flv-video
{flv }your-flv-video|||1
{mp4 }your-mp4-video|600|450|1
{mp3 }your-music
{mp3 }your-music|600||
{mp3 }your-music|600|20|true{/ mp3}
{mp3playlist }your-mp3playlist{/ mp3playlist}
{flvremote }http://vault.futurama.sk/video.flv{/ flvremote}
{videoplaylist }videoplaylist|600|450|1{/ videoplaylist}
{youtube }/r61LFkzKzQQ{/ youtube }
{youtube}r61LFkzKzQQ{/youtube }


Email setup With Bluebrad.net

Written by webmaster.

Panel Email setup

1. Login to Panel.bluebrad.net

2. Go to Mail / Mailboxes

3. In the Create a new mailbox section

Email Address: the name you want for your email address ( Just the name, you will select the domain next. ) [emailname]@yourdomain.com
Select a domain: From the dropdown list select the domain for this email. emailname@[yourdomain.com]
Password: Set your password that you will use to login to the pop3 server.

4. Click "Create" and you are done.

Email Client setup Outlook Or Thundarbird!

If you use WebMail from the panel.vemginc.com screen just login with your email address and password.

Use the following settings:

To Send

Server: yourdomain.com
No username or password
Authentication Type: All
SSL: None

To Receive

Mailbox Type: Pop3
Server: yourdomain.com
Port: Default
Username: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ( Your email address set in Zpanel )
Password: The password set in Zpanel
Authentication Type: All
SSL: None

Mounted Virtual Hard Drive using comand line

Written by webmaster.

Linux, OS X, BSD, CentOS (id and pass if needed)

[mount /blue/bluebrad]

[umount /blue/bluebrad]

Windows xp , 7, 8, 10 (id and pass if needed)
to link[net use F: \\blue\bluebrad]
to unlink[net use F: /delete]

remember to Disconnect before trying to connect a new drive. on windows your not alloud to connect to the same device using diffrent ID's and Passwords.

Top 10 Things to help put your E-mail on the top 10 list!

Written by webmaster.

  1. From Name: The most effective From Name is what your recipients recognize you by or expect to hear from. Not sure what that is? TEST IT!
  2. Subject Line: Send 10% of your email list one subject line, and another 10% a different subject line. Then, look at which subject line performs better and send the remaining 80% the more successful subject line. Easy as pie!
  3. Pre-Header: Your pre-header should support or complement your subject line. For example, your subject line tells your recipients you're having a sale (Get 50% Off for a Limited Time Only) and your pre-header explains to the recipient what items are on sale (Save on Designer Jeans & Jackets).
  4. Headline: Your headline should clearly explain what your email is about and what’s in it for the recipient.
  5. How You State Your Offer: Are you promoting a half off sale? 50% off? Buy One Get One FREE? The way you say it can affect the success – so make sure to test it before you go full throttle!
  6. Button vs. Text Link: At VR we have found people like to click on buttons more than text links in our emails and newsletters. Click here to easily create and add buttons to your emails and see if it's the same for you.
  7. Color of Your Button/CTA: If you get the VESIGNS BUZZ, you may have noticed a change in the button color. That’s because we tested blue buttons vs. green buttons and green was the lucky winner! Test your button color and see what color your recipient's eye is more drawn to.
  8. Placement of Call to Action: Test where you put your Call to Action in your email and/or how many you include. Your click-through rate will help you determine what worked and what didn’t.
  9. Images: Test how many images you have, where you put them and what images you use. Remember to always use alt-text too!
  10. Testimonials: Test to see if customer testimonials help your emails perform better. If not, use the space for something that’s more effective!

How to reset my Joomla 1.5 password using SQL?

Written by webmaster.

Joomla's admin username can be easily changed with a simple MySQL query. The most convenient way to manage the database is through the phpMyAdmin tool. Go to your cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin in the Databases box. (If you are not using cPanel or do not have phpMyAdmin, you can run the query directly for Joomla's database.)

Once in the phpMyAdmin select the Joomla database from the drop-down menu at left. The page will refresh and the database's tables will be displayed on it. Open the SQL tab (look at the top navigation bar).

In the text field write the following SQL query:

UPDATE `jos_users` SET `password` = MD5( 'new_password' ) WHERE `jos_users`.`username` = "admin" ;

"new_password" - replace this with the new password you wish to use.
"admin" - replace this if your admin username is different.
"jos_" - replace this if your SQL SUBFEX is different.

Once you are ready, click on the GO button to submit the query. If everything goes fine without errors, you should be able to login to Joomla with the new password.

Note: These instructions are valid both for Joomla 1.5.* and Joomla 1.0.*.